Manuel Medina Visits The MCECC

Manuel Medina, Chairman of the Bexar County Democratic Party, spoke at The Muslim Children Education and Civic Center this past Friday March 3rd after Jummah prayers.

He gave an exciting speech where he talked about his background, his accomplishments with getting Democrats elected throughout San Antonio, and why he wants to run for Mayor of San Antonio. 

When it came to policy proposals, his focus was on the $830 Million Dollar Bond the city will vote on May 6th. This is the primary distinction between Medina, Nirenburg, and Taylor. Medina is against the Bond, Nirenburg, and Taylor are both in favor.

Manuel claims the bond is full of pork spending, and giveaways to businesses that support the other two candidates. In Manuel's estimation the Bond should have been closer in size to $500-600 Million, which is in range with previous bonds the city has proposed.

A detailed presentation of the 2017 Bond can be found here:

- Sakib